Inside us all is paradise walking

"All in all, 2014 is set to be a big one for you. It can be good to be your own boss, and your next big business is sure to be the opening needed for a year to remember. After you shut up shop each night, rest easy knowing that you’ve made the most of your opportunities.
Laughter is the language of the soul so a few jokes or fun times could unleash your inner youth. Like a child, you and your partner could soon be living in your dream land again.
Your laid back, tranquil side is set on taking it easier in 2014. Stock up on (hypothetical) chill pills and explore your ideal relaxing destinations. Life’s a beach, so get comfy with it.
A sunny disposition is key too, so smile and the world will smile with you. Focus on the funny things in life and, by turning that frown upside down, you’ll feel as happy as Larry. Whoever he is.
Embrace the opportunities that present themselves and don’t worry about stumbling across all the things that are in your way. Through this stumbling will come a lightness of feet that learns to step over the blockages and nimbly dances around them as they fall across your path."

Sempre gostei deste site. Da hipótese de descrever estados e sentimentos com imagens :)

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